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Bengals’ Joe Burrow, who was the most sacked QB in NFL last season, says not all were ‘bad’

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Quarterbacks do not usually want to get sacked, in fact it is one of the things they actively avoid when they have the ball, but Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is taking a more positive outlook on getting taken down with the ball. Burrow was sacked a lot last year, but he clarifies that not all those sacks were “bad.”

Burrow was sacked a league-high 51 times during the regular season last year. Add 19 more if you are looking at the postseason as well.

He defends himself and his offensive line, saying these numbers are just a reflection of trying to extend the play. The 25-year-old said (via the Full Send Podcast):

“Here’s the thing about sacks. So there’s good sacks and bad sacks. You look at the stats, yeah I got sacked a lot. But you look at when they happened: Third-down sacks? Who cares about third-down sacks? I’m going to try to extend the play as long as I can to get the first down on third down, unless I’m in field-goal range, then I’ll throw the ball away and get some points.”


Whatever helps you sleep at night, Joe.

I can see his point somewhat. Throwing a pick-6 is certainly worse and Burrow is looking at the pros of risking a sack for a great play, but calling a sack “good” is not what is typically done and leading the league in that category is something to address.

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The offensive line is something the defending AFC champions had an issue with last season and their struggles impacted the offense throughout the year. Burrow also will need to work on his release time, to avoid those “bad” sacks. 

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