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Dan Snyder investigation: Some NFL owners say no steps have been taken to remove Commanders owner, per report

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Some NFL owners are reportedly “counting votes” toward potentially removing Dan Snyder — accused of allegations including sexual harassment, a toxic culture and financial impropriety — from Washington Commanders ownership. However, in a new, separate report, other anonymous NFL owners said they are becoming frustrated over the situation along with the “smoke” involved, and those owners say no real steps have been taken to remove Snyder from ownership.

As one owner reportedly said via the Washington Post:

“There’s certainly concern. There’s anger. But there’s quite a difference between wishing he was gone and taking steps to force him out.”

When a different owner was asked about a vote happening, they said, “If that’s happening, no one has asked for my vote,” while another said, “I don’t think that’s accurate,” in regards to vote counting reports.


If a vote did happen, it would take 24 of the 32 teams to vote against Snyder in order to have him removed from his current job.

The Commanders are currently being investigated by Congress, with financial questions surfacing during their probe and leading to a separate but connected investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and the Virginia attorney general. One owner said their decision “all depends on the report,” and brought up the legal complications of the situation.

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“We’ll have to see. I would think a tough suspension could be in order,” they said.

Snyder currently denies the allegations and wrongdoings and some owners believe if they tried to vote him out, he would work hard to argue his side. The Commanders deny any financial improprieties and have called the allegations “baseless,” saying there is no need for an investigation.

The team has already been fined $10 million for the toxic culture.

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