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Saints’ Alvin Kamara is falling in love with snowboarding and Montana

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New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is doing what so many of us have wanted to do for close to a year now: living it up in some remote part of the country to get away from the day-to-day madness that surrounds us all with horror. The 25-year-old has been sharing his experience vacationing out in Montana on social media.

Right from the jump, he proclaimed his love for the state, and then fawned over its snowy mountains shortly thereafter.

It’s always nice to see people enjoy themselves on vacation, and lord knows Kamara needs one after this past season where he put 1,688 yards and 21 touchdowns in total offense for the Saints. Of course, there are some who see a star player of a franchise doing something that could get him hurt, such as snowboarding, and might be a bit concerned. 

That concern naturally extends itself to the team paying his contract. In a story published back in 2015, the Washington Post reported on some of the stuff professional athletes are not allowed to do. Here’s the bit that includes NFL players, which came in the wake of Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand injury after a fireworks accident.


For example, the standard NBA contract specifically prohibits boxing, professional wrestling, motorcycling, moped-riding, auto-racing, sky-diving and hang-gliding. How should a hang-gliding enthusiast bide his time until his NBA career expires? Well, the contract expressly permits golf, tennis, handball, swimming, hiking, softball and volleyball.

The NFL’s uniform player contract is vaguer, disallowing players from “any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury.” 

Snowboarding down a mountain might fall under that category, but worry not: Kamara has thought ahead and asked his coach’s permission, and he got it shortly thereafter.

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Kamara should be fine provided he keeps to slopes that don’t veer too far off into XGames territory. Besides, even if he does fall, there are surely players in the NFL that hit harder than gravity could hit the tailback — though with how slippery Kamara is in the back field, it’s probably a limited knowledge of those hits.

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