Opinion | Of course Lowry didn’t get traded to the Lakers: Ujiri won’t do deals to get fleeced

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One of the more obvious story lines about last night’s unlikely Raptors win – as unlikely as almost any this season – was the “Kyle Lowry gets revenge on the team that wouldn’t trade for him at the deadline” angle.

Fun?  Yeah. And I fully admit to thinking about it a few times while watching the game unfold and worrying about angles because it was out there like low hanging fruit.

But then I thought about my No. 1 rule trading – that you have to wonder why either team does it – and I summarily dismissed the idea of going that way in the story as legit.

Maybe the whole thing should be couched in these terms:


Forget that the Lakers somehow decided they didn’t want to give up this guy or that guy to get Lowry; it’s entirely possible that Masai and Bobby surveyed that mismatched Los Angeles roster and collectively thought, “nope, nothing there that helps us now or in the future.”

Obviously the Lakers need Lowry. The are disorganized on offence, they have no backcourt shooting to speak of and I honesty wonder how collectively mentally tough they are once you get past LeBron James.

Lowry could very well have been the piece that got them on a championship track, no doubt about it.

But to think the Raptors would think they need a Kyle Kuzma, who can shoot but who can’t guard me? Or Talen Tucker-Horton, who might – MIGHT – be a rotation player on a good team in a couple of years? Or the rest of the detritus that fills out the roster is a joke.

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I said in February and I’ll say it now: The Lakers have nothing  — outside of the obviously unattainable duo of James and Davis – that would help the Raptors even a little bit.

And just like OG and his shooting, Masai doesn’t do trades to get bamboozled.

So as that game unfolded – and it was a one-off and I understand you never bet against LeBron in the playoffs – the idea that the Lakers somehow botched the chance to get Lowry by not including so-and-so in the transaction quickly became the Raptors nixed any trade talk because they could get nothing of value.

I got one submission yesterday for next weekend’s Ye Olde Mailbag and it made my day.

An early start is always a good idea and if you want to play along at the start of the week, just click on [email protected] and ask away.

I’ll tell ya, there wasn’t a better story on the weekend for me than the one about Mike Weir winning on the Champions Tour, his first PGA win since the Fry’s Open back in ’07.

That’s a story of perseverance and believing in yourself and sticking it out through some really difficult stretches when a whole lot of people were ready to count you out.

I’m proud of him and it was a great Sunday tale. I think fans should understand that this is what it’s all about to truly competitive professionals: They believe in their skills and their work ethic and they know that if they just stick with it, it might all come back one day.

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A Champions Tour win isn’t a Master’s win and it’s not one of the 10 PGA Tour titles Mike amassed over one of the best careers in Canadian golf history but I can only imagine the feeling satisfaction that he must have felt Sunday night.

But if anyone tries to diminish the accomplishment – and there will absolutely be some who do – shame on them.

You beat who you’ve got to beat and you deal with whatever conditions you’re faced with and when it’s all over, you add ‘em and somebody’s the winner. It isn’t easy any time in any sport in any circumstances and it should always be taken in that light.

Now, to go all full disclosure here, I’ve got some history with Mike. Known him and his brothers and his Mom and Dad and his cousins for going on 40 years now, I bet. We used to play a bit of golf, the whole gang of us, before he got really good and the rest of us kept chopping it around various courses playing various Nassau’s and stupid bets here and there. All in good fun, of course, and I’m pretty glad I didn’t get in the season-long “you lose, you get a tattoo” wager that might or might not have happened.

So there is and was a rooting interest in him, has been for decades and I hope we get to raise a glass or two to toast another victory some time this summer.

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So the Blue Jays can hit now and they’re bullpen is lights out and even though they still can’t field ball at a championship level – the shortstop making two throwing errors in one game yesterday kind of got lost in the win – they are turning out to be just about as advertised when the season began.

And while I love that the Jansen fellow broke the 0-for-a-month slump yesterday, I am really going to miss seeing that squat little Kirk bloke play for maybe a couple of weeks.

I get that Guerrero is having an outstanding start to the season and that Springer is unquestionably the real deal now that he’s healthy and that Mayza might be the best story of ‘em all.

Kirk? If you can’t get behind that kid, I don’t know about you, to tell you the truth.


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