Why Face Shields And Plexiglass Barriers Don’t Block Coronavirus

News Post || Tech News Waiter wearing a face shield without a mask. Getty Images Face masks probably help slow…

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Sweating Can Help Spread Covid-19, But Not By ‘Infectious Sweat’

News Post || Tech News Runner wiping sweat from her forehead. getty Coronavirus disease is spread by direct and indirect…

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Exercise Affects Breathing, So Does It Help Spread Coronavirus?

News Post || Tech News Athlete with mask running on treadmill. getty Coronavirus particles escape the human body in microscopic…

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Battle Rages Inside Hospitals Over How COVID Strikes and Kills

Fitness & Health: Front-line health care workers are locked in a heated dispute with many infection control specialists and hospital…

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You’ll Be Surprised How Often You Actually Touch Your Face

News Post || Tech News Woman rubbing her eyes at work while wearing a mask. getty Coronavirus has made people…

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Which Works Best Against Covid-19: Clean Hands Or Face Masks?

News Post || Tech News Schoolgirl wearing a face mask while washing her hands. getty To stop the spread of…

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