Maria Bakalova

OANN to sue Sacha Baron Cohen after were duped into inviting ‘Borat’s daughter’ to White House 

US HEADLINES: The conservative One America News Network (OAN) is threatening to sue Sacha Baron Cohen after an actress posing…

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Trump celebrates declining COVID death rate as infections spike and says we are ’rounding the turn’

US HEADLINES: President Trump on Saturday claimed that the United States was ‘rounding the turn’ and beating back the COVID-19…

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‘Borat’s daughter’ Maria Bakalova got close to Trump at White House

US HEADLINES: An actress posing as Sacha Baron Cohen‘s daughter in the new Borat movie was able to gain admittance…

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Trump calls Sacha Baron Cohen an ‘unfunny creep’ after his new film leaves White House red faced

US HEADLINES: President Trump has lashed out at comedian Sacha Baron Cohen after his new Borat movie left the White…

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