Ireland’s only dinosaurs discovered in antrim

Fitness & Health: IMAGE: Dr Mike Simms, of National Museums NI, with the theropod tibia on the left and the Scelidosaurus…

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Scientists Report First Cancer In An Extinct Non-Human Mammal

News Post || Tech News Reconstitution of Nothrotherium maquinese at his death site, with a tumor on his right thigh.…

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New research reports discovery of 5-million-year-old honey badger-like animal

Fitness & Health: IMAGE: Five million years ago, dangerous carnivores – such as giant wolverines and otters, bears, sabertooth cats, and…

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Radical changes in ecosystems

Fitness & Health: Earth and all the living organisms on it are constantly changing. But is there any way we…

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To survive asteroid impact, algae learned to hunt

Fitness & Health: IMAGE: K/Pg, or Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, refers to the aftermath of the asteroid hitting Earth 66 million years…

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Researchers Discover Earliest Fossils Of Giant-Sized Bony-Toothed Bird In Old Collection

News Post || Tech News An artist’s depiction of Antarctica’s birdlife some 50 million years ago. Albatrosses harassing a ……

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What Did Pterosaurs Eat? Look Very Closely at Their Teeth

Tech News || The pterosaurs had no way of knowing it, but they would one day become a bit of…

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African crocodiles lived in Spain six million years ago

Fitness & Health: IMAGE: A crocodile next to a mastodon of the genus Anancus and primitive horses of the genus Hipparion…

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Largest Mass Extinction In The History Of The Earth Linked To Rising Carbon-Dioxide Levels

News Post || Tech News The early ancestors of modern mammals were among the victims of the mass extinction at…

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Drought And Humans Drove The Elephant Bird And The Dodo Extinct

News Post || Tech News A collection of giant elephant bird eggs. D.Bressan Madagascar is a large island but relatively…

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