Polish politics

Poland abortion protests reflect a deep schism in country’s society

News Post || Euro News: Last week, Poland became the only European Union country to remove a right to legal…

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Polish government vows to end deadlock in coalition power struggle

News Post || Euro News: Poland”s embattled government has said that its future should become clear by Friday, amid a…

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Poland coalition collapse: Anger over new law on halal and kosher meat

News Post || Euro News: When Ali Ditta first moved to Poland in 2005, there wasn’t a halal meat industry…

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How the far-right could be kingmaker in Poland’s presidential election

News Post || Euro News: For Paweł Strzelec, a 26-year-old plumber from Niekłończyca, a village in northwestern Poland, the country’s…

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Who is Rafał Trzaskowski, the challenger for Poland’s presidency?

News Post || Euro News | Poland’s incumbent president Andrzej Duda topped the first round in the presidential election on…

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Poland presidential election: Duda heading for run-off against Warsaw mayor Trzaskowski

News Post || Euro News | Poland’s outgoing president Andrzej Duda failed to win an outright majority in Sunday’s presidential…

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