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‘Curfew Breakers’ protest held in California against latest COVID-19 restrictions

US HEADLINES: Dozens of people gathered in Southern California for a late-night “Curfew Breakers” protest against the new curfew imposed…

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Coronavirus: Hundreds protest against ‘fake pandemic’ in Madrid

News Post || Euro News: Hundreds of anti-vaccine demonstrators took to Madrid’s Prado promenade on Saturday hitting out against the…

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Thai protesters defy police water cannons to deliver letters

News Post || Euro News: Pro-democracy protesters in Thailand were confronted by riot police and sprayed by water cannons Sunday…

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Free speech rally attacked by counter-protesters in San Francisco

US HEADLINES: A free speech rally organized by conservative activists in San Francisco quickly devolved into chaos and was immediately…

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Thai protesters back on Bangkok’s streets in defiance of police

News Post || Euro News: Thousands of young Thai protesters returned to the streets of Bangkok on Saturday, a day…

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Sean Lennon can’t ‘imagine’ why Portland protesters toppled Lincoln statue

US HEADLINES: Sean Lennon just can’t imagine why protesters would try to take Abraham Lincoln down. The son of John…

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Chile: Protesters face off against police ahead of referendum

News Post || Euro News: Protesters faced off against police in Santiago’s iconic Plaza Italia square on Friday ahead of…

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Breonna Taylor protester run down by pickup truck in Buffalo

US HEADLINES: A female pickup-truck driver revved her engine before racing through a group of Breonna Taylor protesters in upstate…

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Breonna Taylor protesters threaten to ‘knock out’ diners at Florida restaurant

US HEADLINES: Protesters inflamed by the decision not to charge cops for Breonna Taylor’s death took their anger out on…

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Video shows LAPD fire foam-covered round at protester’s groin

US HEADLINES: Newly released bodycam video shows a Los Angeles police officer firing a foam-coated projectile at a man’s groin…

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