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Xbox Series X restock: our console tracker – here’s how to get it fast

Tech News || Our Xbox Series X restock tracker is here to tell you where to find the new Microsoft…

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Facebook reportedly investigated over ‘systemic’ racism in hiring | Engadget

Tech News || Facebook has publicly committed to fighting racism, but there are concerns that isn’t translating to its recruitment…

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How the WandaVision finale sets up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Tech News || Spoilers for WandaVision follow.  The Hulk showed up in Thor: Ragnarok, Black Widow was a key player…

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Nintendo Switch 2 name: why it should be named Super Nintendo Switch

Tech News || Like everyone else, we’re really looking forward to the Nintendo Switch Pro. We too were excited when…

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iCloud allegedly locked out a user over her last name | Engadget

Tech News || iCloud has had the occasional service issue, but its latest problem appears to be highly… specific. Actor…

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Forget inkjet, your next printer could be based on sound

Tech News || In a major breakthrough, scientists at the Universities of Bath and Bristol have successfully used sound to…

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PS5 restock: our console Twitter tracker – will it go back in stock this weekend?

Tech News || Our PS5 restock tracker is working overtime today, Saturday, March 6, all in an effort to help…

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Is the Apple M1 really the best mobile processor? We put it to the test

Tech News || Apple launched its M1 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini back in November 2020, and you’ve…

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Hitting the Books: Elon Musk and the quest to build a better rocket engine | Engadget

Tech News || Putting people safely into orbit is no small feat, especially without the seemingly limitless R&D budgets afforded…

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Apple discontinues the iMac Pro with new iMac rumored to be imminent

Tech News || It looks as though the iMac Pro won’t be around much longer, at least in its current…

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