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Weather and news are coming to the Windows 10 taskbar | Engadget

Tech News || After testing it with Insiders, Microsoft is adding a new News and Interests feature to Windows 10.…

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PS5 will have more exclusive games than the PS4, says SIE boss

Tech News || The PS5 will have more exclusive games than any other PlayStation console, according to SIE boss Jim…

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Sending Bitcoin is now more expensive than ever

Tech News || Sending cryptocurrency over the Bitcoin network has never been more expensive, with transaction fees rocketing to new…

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Sony’s latest wireless speakers could be the life of the party when they launch mid-2021

Tech News || Sony has announced three new wireless speakers coming to its X-Series range. The X-Series SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and…

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Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus: release date, cast, story and what we know

Tech News || Star Wars is going to have a busy few years on the small screen, which is an…

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Purple iPhone 12: we’ve got the new color phone, and here’s what it looks like

Tech News || Apple surprised us at the iPad Pro 2021 launch with a brand new color for the iPhone…

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Landline use in ‘terminal decline’ as mobile dominates

Tech News || Fewer Brits are using their landline than ever before, with the rise of mobile phones, and the…

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Microsoft’s speedy loading tech from Xbox Series X is coming to more PCs than you might think

Tech News || We already know that Microsoft plans to bring its DirectStorage tech to Windows 10 PCs (it was…

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This Fujifilm Instax printer is perfect for Nintendo Switch owners

Tech News || Fujifilm has announced that it has partnered with Nintendo to develop a new app for its Instax…

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Elite Dangerous Odyssey release date announced

Tech News || The Elite Dangerous Odyssey release date for PC is now officially set for May 19, 2021, letting…

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