The Best Time to Go to Big Sur

Big Sur Travel guide

Big Sur is not just a destination, but it’s also a state of mind. Stretching ninety miles between San Simeon and Monterey Bay on the west coast of middle California, the peaceful nature, incomparable beauty, and remote location of Big Sur attract visitors to change gears literally and figuratively. The century-old Pacific Coast Highway is the major road that passes through the region, and it is their most attractive scenic spot in Big Sur. The calming nature of Big Sur has been known to be contagious, which attracts minds of different types searching for refuge, transformation, or inspiration. Jack Kerouac first mentioned the novel ‘Big Sur’. Several artists, photographers, musicians, and writers have chronicled Bug Sur’s strong existence in their work.

Surfing Big Sur

Right off the road, you will come across lots of amazing surf breaks you can explore to the fullest. Just remember to pull over and enjoy the surfing view. You need to be careful, especially when you are travelling alone, avoid dark and quiet places. Also, you need to avoid rocky places when surfing.

Not every surf spot in Big Sur can be simply accessed. You should visit Big Sur during falls; this is the perfect time to enjoy the full beauty. Some of the perfect spots for surfing in Big Sur are:

  • Sand Dollar Beach
  • Willow Creek- a dangerous surf spot with plenty of rocks and kelp beds
  • Andrew Molera Beach

ESTA authorization to travel to the USA

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Note that if you are traveling to the United States with family or friends, you can apply for a group ESTA by completing the same form for all travellers. In this case, each traveller must have their complete travel documents. Always do a quick esta checker before travelling

Big Sur Wildlife

Big Sur is filled with lots of wildlife, and while some of them are always available, others are seasonal:

  • October to January: Monarch butterflies
  • Late April through early December: humpback whale
  • December through early February: the grey whale moved south to Mexico.
  • December through March: elephant seal breeding season
  • June through October: blue whale
  • February through April: the grey whale migrates north to the north Pacific.

Big Sur wildlife viewing can be seen at the following locations:

  • Garrapata State Park
  • Rocky Creek Bridge
  • Pfeiffer Bug Sur State Park
  • Point Lobos State Reserve
  • Bottcher’s Gap
  • Andrew Molera State Park
  • Carmel River State Beach
  • Bixby Creek Bridge
  • Rocky Point

The Best Month to Visit Big Sur

You should visit Big Sur between September and November because that’s when you will enjoy it to the fullest. With more than three hundred days of sunshine each year, the peak season of Big Sur runs long, from April to October. Nevertheless, after August, people begin to leave, and high temperatures inland begin to decline, providing more opportunities for visitors to tour the mountain and coasts. Especially in December, winter can be taken as the perfect period to visit Big Sur for people interested in lodging. But that time of the month falls in the rainy season, leading to road closures. Spring brings about the bloom of wildflowers and cooler temperatures.

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