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A police operation aimed at tackling antisocial cycling in the city has been hailed a success.

Officers from the City Centre Problem Solving Team (PST) carried out the operation to engage with the public and those using bikes last week.

It comes as a result of concerns being raised by members of the public in several areas of the city including Rosemount, where a cycle lane was installed in July as part of Aberdeen’s coronavirus measures.

During the week-long campaign, officers engaged with more than 80 people who were educated about their use of pavements, road signs and furniture while using a bike.


The majority of people spoken to were unaware it was illegal to cycle on a pavement.

Several vehicle drivers were also told informed that the cycle lanes were not an additional parking area but were for the sole use of cyclists.

PC Darren Gibb of the City Centre Problem Solving Team said: “The operation saw a considerable drop in cyclists using pavements, ignoring road signs and cycling in an antisocial manner as the week continued.

“I hope the success of the operation will have an impact within the city centre in relation to this matter.”

Innes Walker, city centre manager, said: “Aberdeen Inspired very much supports the cyclists using the city centre, however, the behaviour of a small minority of bike users has caused concern to the public and business alike.

“I am delighted and grateful that Police Scotland are working hard to educate this minority to ensure that we can all return to the city centre and feel safe and confident.

“Hopefully, we can all share the road responsibly and with consideration for others and start to support our wonderful city centre.”

The operation aimed to initially educate cyclists on the rules they must obey while out cycling, as well as provide safety advice to them.

It is hoped that through early education, this will reduce the number of complaints received and negate the requirement for fixed penalties being issued.

If it is deemed a success, the unit will consider carrying out similar operations in other regional areas.

Police Scotland will continue to monitor the situation and fixed penalties will be issued to those who continue to cycle in an antisocial manner.

To find out more about cycling laws in Scotland, or to view The Highway Code, visit www.highwaycodeuk.co.uk

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