CloudValley Webcam Cover 6-Pack, 2020 Updated Laptop Camera Cover Slide, Horizontal Slide, Webcam Covers for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, Prvacy Cover-Black

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Product Description


Hacker's surveillanceHacker's surveillance

Why more and more people close their computer & phone camera?

Hackers could control your camera and spy on your private life via malware.


So, some people use simple stickers to cover the front camera of their computers, phones, tablets. However, such stickers are easy to fall out and unable to validly protect your personal information.

The introduction of our camera cover

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Solid Sliding

Solid Sliding

Great Compatibility

Great Compatibility

Fashionable Look

Fashionable Look

Easy to Use

By sliding the webcam cover to your camera, you can enjoy the safeguard quickly.

Solid Sliding

The webcam cover is upgraded to an integrated groove, which is not easy to take apart.

Great Compatibility

It can be used on the front camera of laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets.

Fashionable Look

3-piece White camera slide covers & the mini size fits the most laptops, tablets, phones, and makes them look cool.


Great Compatibility

It is compatible with:

-MacBook Pro 16 / 15 / 13 inch

-MacBook Air 13 inch

-Laptops (such as: Hp, Acer, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung)

-iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini

-iPhone 8 / 7 / 6/ 8 plus / 7 plus /6 plus

-Tablets, Desktop


The steps of installation

1. Clean up the edge of your camera

2. Open the slide cover

3. Paste the transparent sticker on the front of the webcam cover

4. Tear out the 3M double-side tape back of the webcam cover

5. Position the transparent sticker, make the webcam cover align with your camera

6. Press the webcam cover tightly for 15-30 seconds

7. Remover the transparent sticker carefully

How to protect your portrait privacy?


By slide the webcam cover to the camera, it will prevent hackers from spying on your life.

Improvement in design

The camera slide cover is designed by an integrated modeling. It is easier for you to move the slider.

Easy Privacy Protection: Our Webcam Cover can prevent you from being spied upon by the potential hackers and software. Just slide our item to cover the Webcam when using electronic appliances.
Considerate Design: The 3M adhesive tape, durable plastics and scientific configuration compose the considerate design which comforts your hands when moving the Webcam Cover.
Distinct Compatibility: Our Webcam Cover is compatible with the electronic appliances common in the market, including but is not limited to MacBook Pro 16 inch, MacBook Pro 15 inch / 13 inch Version, MacBook Air 13 inch Version, Laptops(as: Hp, Acer,Dell , Asus, Lenovo, Samsung), and iPad Pro/ iPad / iPad mini/ iPhone 8 / 7/ 6 Plus front camera, Notebook, Tablets, Desktops, PC.
Scientific Craft: The integrated molding design of the Webcam Cover shots the customers’ demands, making the installation and using of the Webcam Cover stable.
All-life Service: We care about every client and we promise all-life service once you purchase the item. We’re dedicated to offering you detailed customer help.

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