German Shepherd needs help after severe injury

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A family dog is battling serious injuries after crashing into agility equipment at a local dog park.

Rocky, a three-year-old rescued German Shepherd from Cypress County, was taken in by Hatters Kendra and Mark Oximitny more than a year ago.

As time went on, the shy pooch blossomed into a social animal who enjoyed playing at dog parks around other animals and people.

“Rocky is such a fun dog, and watching him grow has been amazing,” said Lori Marshall, who is helping raise funds for the family.


Rocky was playing fetch with one of his humans two weeks ago at Saratoga Dog Park when he went crashing into agility rings and shattered one of his front legs.

“Mark was at the park with his two dogs and he was playing fetch in the evening,” said Marshall. “He ran into one of those rings at full speed and his leg was basically amputated right then and there – that’s how bad it was.”

A couple at the dog park helped get Rocky to a veterinary clinic quickly after his crash, thus beginning his healing journey.

At first it looked as if Rocky was going to lose a leg, but he has been given a 50 per cent chance that he will be able to keep it.

“They used two plates to reattach his leg,” said Marshall. “We’re still only at a 50-50 right now. Dogs can live without a leg, but they put a lot of their weight on their front legs.

“We’re really hoping he can keep his leg.”

Rocky’s family has taken on more than $10,000 in medical costs and is willing to do whatever it takes to get him back to good health.

“Mark and Kendra are animal people,” said Marshall. “They’re going to do everything they can for Rocky, no matter what.”

A GoFundMe has started to raise funds for the family and an online auction is being held on Facebook.



The GoFundMe can be found at

The Facebook group can be found by searching ‘Help for Rocky.’

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