Max Ehrich Says He Learned About His Breakup With Demi Lovato ‘Through A Tabloid’


Demi Lovato’s split from Max Ehrich took many people by surprise — including, apparently, Ehrich himself.

The couple had announced their engagement in July after a whirlwind few months of dating, only to announce on Sept. 24 that the engagement was off and they had split.

On Saturday, Ehrich shared a few words about the breakup on Instagram Story, indicating he was blindsided by the news.

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“Imagine finding out to the status of your relationship through a tabloid,” he wrote.

“While your [sic] in the middle of filming a biopic movie about a Pastor in a Christian Church whose intention of the film is to help people,” he continued, signing off by writing “God bless,” accompanied by a dove emoji.

When the couple announced their engagement in July, Lovato wrote on Instagram: “When I was a little girl, my birth dad always called me his “little partner” – something that might’ve sounded strange without his southern cowboy like accent. To me it made perfect sense. And today that word makes perfect sense again but today I’m officially going to be someone else’s partner.”

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