ZMI PowerPack 10K Smallest Lightest 10000mAh Battery Pack Fast Charging Portable Charger Pocket Power Bank for iPhone iPad Samsung (NOT Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Max, Nexus, Pixel /2/3/3a/XL)

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Product Description


Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives. While enjoying the use of mobile apps on-the-go, we inevitably grow more and more dependent on them. As a result, running out of battery not only causes frustrating and at times difficult circumstances, but also could disrupt our ability to function. Since 2014, ZMI has been working to meet this challenge and has cumulatively sold over eighty million portable chargers/battery packs worldwide. With the ZMI’s high-capacity, fast, and reliable charging solutions, you never need to worry about running out of power; you are in charge, anytime, anywhere.

The PowerPack 10K works with:


iPhone XS · XS Max · XR · X · 8 · 8 Plus · 7 · 7 Plus · 6 · 6 Plus · 6S · 6S Plus · 5 · 5C · 5S · 4 · 4SiPad 2 · 3 · 4 · Air · Air 2 · 2017 · Mini 2 · 3 · 4Samsung Galaxy S10 · S10+ · S10e · S9 · S9+ · S8 · S8+ · S7 · S7 edge · S6 · S6+ · S6 edge · S6 edge+ · S5 · S4, Galaxy Note8 and earlier(Note: Does NOT fast charge Google phones)Kindle Fire HD · HDXLG Tribute HD · Stylo 2 3 · K7 ·K8 · Rebel · X venture · Q8, V30 · V20 · G6 · G5 · G4 · G3Sony Xperia XZ · XZ Premium · XZ1 · XZs · XA UltraFitbit fitness trackersDJI camera dronesBluetooth headphones and more.

NOTE: We strongly recommend you use the original Apple charge cable (not included) to charge iPhone/iPad. AC adapter not included.

NOTE: iPhone/iPad and other non Quick Charge devices will charge at normal speed with the fast charging indicator LED OFF. USB PD not supported. Does NOT fast charge iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL, or Moto Z.

LIMITATIONS: USB PD Not Supported. The PowerPack 10K can charge Nintendo Switch via a USB-C to USB-A cable, but the AC power adapter that comes with Nintendo Switch does not charge the PowerPack 10K. Does not fast charge Pixel/Pixel 2/Pixel XL/Pixel 2 XL. Does not turbo charge Moto Z series.

ZMI PowerPack 10000 (Model: QB810)


Battery Type: Lithium-polymer cell Cell Capacity: 10,000 mAh × 3.85V = 38.5Wh Operating Temperature: 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C) Input Port Type: Micro-USB or USB-C Output Port Type: USB-A Input: (QC 2.0) 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A Output: (QC 2.0) 5.1V/2.4A, 9V/1.6A, 12V/1.2A (Voltage/current levels supported by devices are automatically detected and adapted to.) Fast Charge Protocols Supported: QC 2.0, BC 1.2 Dimensions: 5 × 2.71 × 0.5 in (127 × 69 × 12.7 mm) Weight: 6.24 oz (177 g)


High-Capacity, Pocketable, Fast

The ZMI PowerPack 10K is the thinnest and lightest battery pack on the market. It’s 40% thinner than similar products and weighs in at just 6.2 ounces, yet still packs a ton of power. On one full charge, the PowerPack 10K can charge an iPhone 7 3.7 times, a Galaxy S6 3 times, or an iPad Air 2 once. It fits easily into your pocket or bag and is encased in an anti-slip surface, making it the perfect charger for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Versatile Charging Modes

The PowerPack 10K caters to the needs of tablets, smartphones, smart watches, Bluetooth earphones, and Fitbits by offering three charging modes: Fast-charge (QC 2.0), Normal, and Low-power.

It is rechargeable via either Micro-USB or USB-C port; fast recharging (QC 2.0) is enabled if an 18W QC 2.0 USB power adapter is used (not included).

Recharge Time:

4.2 hrs with 18W QC fast charge plug;6.2 hrs with 5V/2A plug like iPad plug;11-12 hrs with 5V/1A plug like stock iPhone plug.


Efficient, Reliable, Safe, and Widely Compatible

ZMI’s proprietary charging technology ensures that your PowerPack 10K maximizes energy conversion efficiency on every single charge. We use the highest-grade battery cells and components to deliver the same charging capacity at 10% less weight than similar products. And the PowerPack has multiple layers of protection against

overheatingshort-circuitinginput overvoltage/reverse-voltageoutput overvoltage/overcurrentbattery overcharge/overdischarge

Moreover, the PowerPack employs hardware-level cell overcurrent/short protection and a reset button as additional safeguards.

Box contentsBox contents

In the Box

Your purchase includes: 1x ZMI PowerPack 10K, 1x Micro-USB to USB-A cable for recharging the PowerPack, and user guide.

Not Included in the Box

QC 2.0 USB wall charger and Lightning cable for iPhone/iPad are sold separately. You will need a USB-C cable/adapter (Not Included) to charge:

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note8 LG G5/G6/V20/V30/Q8/X venture HTC U11/U Ultra/10 Sony Xperia XZ/XZ Premium/ XZ1/XZs Moto Z/M (Turbo Charge or TurboPower NOT supported) And other devices with USB-C power input

Cell Capacity

10,000mAh @ 3.85V, 38.5Wh

10,000mAh @ 3.85V, 38.5Wh

20,000mAh @ 3.6V, 72Wh

20,000mAh @ 3.7V, 74Wh

10,000mAh @ 3.7V, 37Wh

Fast Charges iPhone 11 Pro/11 Max

Not compatible





Fast Charges 11/X/XS/XS Max/8/8 Plus

N/A. Standard 12W charging only

Yes. Requires separate purchase of USB-C to Lightning cable

Yes. Requires separate purchase of USB-C to Lightning cable

Yes. Requires separate purchase of USB-C to Lightning cable

Yes. Requires separate purchase of USB-C to Lightning cable

Fast Charges Pixel 2/3/3a [XL]


Yes. USB Power Delivery

Yes. USB Power Delivery

Yes. USB Power Delivery

Yes. USB Power Delivery

Fast Charges Samsung Galaxy S6 & Later

Quick Charge 2.0

Quick Charge 2.0, USB Power Delivery

Quick Charge 3.0, USB Power Delivery

Quick Charge 3.0, USB Power Delivery

USB Power Delivery for S8 and later

Recharge Time

4 hours (18W charger), 6 hours (10W charger)

4 hours (18W charger), 6 hours (10W charger)

4 hours (45W charger), 6 hours (18W charger), 9 hours (10W charger)

6 hours (18W charger), 10 hours (10W charger)

4 hours (18W charger), 6 hours (10W charger)

Low Power Mode/USB Adapter

Low Power mode only



Low Power mode only



5×2.71×0.5 in

5.54×2.83×0.63 in

6.31×3.22×0.83 in

5.88×2.76×0.98 in

5.81×2.81×0.58 in


6.24 oz

7.41 oz

14.29 oz

12.8 oz

9.84 oz

SUPERIOR ENERGY DENSITY AND EFFICIENCY: Uses premium battery cells with energy density as high as 664Wh/L, and delivers the same charging capacity while weighing 10% less than similar products on the market. Leverages Zimi’s proprietary power management IC technology custom designed to seamlessly integrate with the premium battery components onboard and maximize their energy conversion efficiency
GUARANTEED SAFETY: Premium components and circuitry for the finest quality and safety. FCC, USTC, CEC, and RoHS certified. We have cumulatively shipped over eighty million portable chargers/power banks worldwide since 2014. We stand behind our products We stand behind our products and will make every effort to ensure that your product purchasing and ownership experience a very pleasant one
COMPATIBILITY: Works with iPhone X · XS/XS Max · XR · 8/8 Plus · 7/7 Plus · 6/6 Plus · 6S/6S Plus · 5, iPad 2 · 3 · 4 · Air · Air 2 · 2017 · Mini 2 · 3 · 4, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/S10 Plus · S9/S9+ · S8/S8+ · S7/S7 Edge · S6/S6 Edge · S5, Kindle Fire HD/HDX, LG, Fitbit, headphones. NOTE: iPhone/iPad and non Quick Charge devices will charge at normal speed with fast charging LED OFF. USB PD not supported. Does not fast charge Pixel. Requires separate purchase of USB-C to USB cord for Pixel
IN THE BOX: 1× PowerPack, 1× 6″ Micro-USB cable for recharging the PowerPack, 18-month warranty, and lifetime technical support by our US-based, friendly and knowledgeable customer satisfaction team: Call (844) 828-2302 or email [email protected] (NOT INCLUDED: wall charger/AC power adapter, Lightning cable for iPhone/iPad, USB-C to USB cable for Galaxy S10 Plus/S10e/S10/S9/S8/Plus and Pixel/2/3/XL sold separately)

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