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Create A Modern Backyard Oasis With These Latest Trends In Swimming Pool Technology

8 New Technologies In Swimming Pool You Need To Watch Out

Technology advances almost daily. From gadgets to security, we’re seeing new things on the market that can make our lives better and a lot easier. Likewise, it can help you get things done faster.

If you have a pool in your home or planning to install one, you very well know how tiring and time-consuming its maintenance can be. Fortunately, there are numerous smart pool technologies, such as pool cleaners, that can make the entire process quicker and more efficient.

Today, you can almost completely automate the dull and wearying chores that come with owning a pool. You can now say goodbye to manually testing, balancing chemical levels, and cleaning your pool. That means you will have more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your backyard mecca with your family.

With that in mind, here are some of the new trends in swimming pool technology that can take your pool life to a whole new level.

Pool Cleaners


The majority of pool owners swear by these smart cleaning tools. Automatic pool cleaners are available in various types, including suction cleaners and robotic pool cleaners. Here they are to give you a much better idea.

The robot pool vacuum is one of the must-have new technologies for pools out there. This little smart device is more expensive in comparison to traditional types. However, it is worth your investment in the long run. Regardless of its size, it will deliver and finish the job with flying colors.

One notable thing about this pool cleaner is that it can take care of just about anything, including small leaves or pieces of wood after a storm. And when your unit’s built-in filter is full, it will submerge itself above water level, letting you know that it needs. emptying. On top of that, it requires little to no help from you. Since they are energy-efficient, you’ll be saving money on electrical bills down the road than when using a traditional cleaning system.

One-Touch Control

Most newly-built pools these days feature an automation system, which you can also add to your existing tool. With this cool pool technology, you’ll have full control of your pool and its environment with a single touch.

You can turn the functions and features of your pool, such as spa, lighting, and pump, on and off at a time you prefer. Additionally, you have an option to program your swimming pool on the automation system itself or using a remote control. Some manufacturers even let you connect their automated systems to your computer and mobile devices. With it, you’ll see a significant drop in your pool’s energy consumption.

Automated Filtration System

Equipping your pool with an automated filtration system will ensure that it runs optimally even when you’re not home or somewhere around the globe. Aside from being more effective than a conventional pool filtration system, it is also more cost-effective.

Pool Sanitation

Keeping pool water clean is vital since you’ll be putting your health and the entire family’s at risk if you don’t. A lot of people apply chlorine to the water to keep it safe. But, you do have a better option these days that can save you plenty of money and time at the same time. A salt chlorinator is a device that can turn the water of your pool into saltwater. As a result, it will keep it fresh and clean without the need to use additional chemicals.

Variable Speed Pump

A variable speed pool pump enables you to control the speed of your pool pump from low to high. This allows it to meet the best standards for energy efficiency. The new technology for poos can also circulate water at low flow rates for longer periods, which can help reduce your monthly energy consumption.

Although there’s no need to let the pump of your pool run all day long, it is still wise to have it operational. This is especially true if the family is regularly using your pool. Running the variable speed pool pump for approximately 8 hours a day should be enough in most cases. Nevertheless, do not forget to often check the water clarity and chemical balance of your swimming pool.

Smart Lighting

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to enhance the design of your backyard mecca is with lighting. And it’s no different with smart pool lighting. With this innovative trend in swimming pool technology, you’ll be able to modify your lighting to suit the mood of the night, as well as to adjust it to the time of day.

You have plenty of options, including single-color or white LED lights and a multicolor system that will surely wow your guests. Furthermore, you can connect your lighting to an automation system so that you can conveniently control it with a few simple taps on your smartphone.

Now, how about impressing your guests with a colorful light show or two in a series of mesmerizing colors in your next pool party?

Heat Pumps

Even if the summer months are over, you can still enjoy your swimming pool. Installing a cost-effective heating solution means you’ll be able to extend the season all year round.

You can find heat pumps that come with a variable compressor and a smart controller. It will enable your pool to maintain a desirable temperature while preventing its system to utilize more energy than needed. Hence, it will save on your monthly utility bills since smart heat pumps are at least 25% more efficient than regular ones.

Automatic Pool Covers

Gone are the days of bulky pool covers that tend to decrease the aesthetics of remarkable pools. You can now replace yours with an automatic pool cover that offers both functionality and safety while maintaining the beauty of your swimming pool.

A lot of pool owners are choosing an automated pool cover since it ensures the safety of their pets and kids. Getting one of these is a smart investment. It conserves energy and can help keep undesirable dirt and debris from entering the pool. Plus, these pool covers usually have a seamless design that will disappear when you retract them.

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