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The Removal Of Autoplay From Online Slot Machines

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Online slot games are among highly growing games when it comes to online casinos. Online slot machines have been able to engage many gamblers. With the autoplay options, many gamblers could keep playing even if they were unavailable on the slot games. However, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) updated its autoplay and auto spins policy. UKGC announced that they have decided to ban autoplay buttons from slot games in February 2021. The new rules ban four features of online casino slots. Before making the decision, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) consulted top revenue generators, casino establishments like britainplay.co.uk, and gambling industry operators.

The news broke among gamblers in online casinos. Players represented mixed feelings of appreciation and criticism over the decision. However, sharing the tweet, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) wrote that the new policy aims to provide “improved safety” to the users and players of online casino slots.

Before making the decision, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) consulted top revenue generators, casino establishments, and gambling industry operators. They conducted sessions of discussions and debates on the advantages and disadvantages of autoplay. Moreover, UKGC opened the house for recommendations from people in the gambling industry. Many people from slot games showcased the stats and ground reality. After sessions of debate, the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), with suggestions from the gambling sector, decided to ban autoplay buttons in online gambling games.


What are Autoplay Buttons anyway?

When playing at an online casino, many gamblers love to play slot games and others. These slots are interactive gaming sessions with competitors. Players have turns while playing. Autoplay is a featural aspect in such slot games. Gamblers who want to continue playing can use this feature. If a user is busy working, he/she has the option to tap on the autoplay button. This allows the gamblers to continue playing without active participation in the slot games.

The autoplay button came up with challenging situations for slot operators. UKGC announced that regulators had shown concerns over the feature, which is the leading cause of the ban on autoplay. They argued that in autoplay, operators have to deal with additional challenges when it comes to protecting gamblers. Sector representatives also highlighted how to give more hold of gambling into the players’ hands, which is the primary reason for banning autoplay.

Taking to Twitter, the Gambling Commission of the UK shared a thread banning a total of four features. The commission stated new features would provide more realistic gambling opportunities to players of slot games. They decided to provide a more protected and secure playing interface to gamblers in online casinos.

The first ban on features was about ending autoplay. Commissions made a new rule to engage the original audience with a more protective layer on the gambling industry. In the second feature, UKGC said that spins that are higher than 2.5 seconds would no longer be allowed for online slot machines. The department argues that such features portray negative connotations on competitive ends. The fast-speed spin may showcase that one player has already won, which is not true about online slot games.

Talking about the third feature ban, the tweet mentioned that any kind of sounds and pictorial representations that portray false winning illusions had been banned. If players’ stake is little or equal to their bet, using such sound impressions violates it. The last rule UKGC announced highlighted the misuse of features that contribute to increasing the speed of play from one player’s end. The thread mentioned that such speed boosts also portray a false winning which is not fair in slot games online.

The survey revealed that, on average, a UK gambler invests 60-70 pounds in a month in slot games. Some developers in the gambling industry also highlighted that autoplay produces harmful chances of risks and loss among gamblers in slot games.

Impact of Removal of Autoplay on Online Gamblers

As the UK has many legalised online casinos, the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) understands the responsibility of fair gambling opportunities among the players. The new four rules can provide players with more secure chances of online gambling. Moreover, these rules and regulations also hold the potential to improve the casino market. Casino establishments and their online operators can provide more safe and transparent gaming to their websites.

The spin speed rule will help promote chances of fair play in online casinos. With the autoplay buttons ban, many gamblers felt monotonous about pressing spin buttons again and again. However, casino developers suggested it is useful for players to engage naturally in slot games. Autoplay options can deviate from the interests of players and can also lead to potential loss in gambling.

Despite the fact that UKGC took the initiative for the safe gambling experience of its users, many gamblers did not seem to be happy with the decision. Gamblers with years of online slots gaming experience have shared their concerns over the issue. They said that spinning could be boring for many, and people may decline the use of slot games after the ban on autoplay spins.

Some players in the casino industry also recommended that despite the complete removal of autoplay, UKGC can provide some specific number of autoplay for ease of playing. Among critics, many gamblers came upfront and appreciated UKGC for prioritising the security and transparency of online casino slot games.

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