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When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly first got together, all the focus was on the relationship she was leaving. After all, she had been married to Brian Austin Green for a decade; they share three kids!

And no sooner did we twig that they might have split we then learned she and MGK were hooking up! There certainly was — and still is — plenty of speculation the Jennifer’s Body star cheated with her hunky younger co-star before leaving her marriage for him.

Photos: MGK Wears Megan’s Blood Around His Neck!

One thing we didn’t realize? Her partner was DEFINITELY cheating!


According to MGK’s ex Sommer Ray, he was 100% still with her when he and Megan got together! Not only that, it seems like he kind of gaslighted her about it! Spilling tea on Logan Paul‘s Impaulsive podcast this week, the Instagram model explained:

“I dated Colson, never had s*x with him. … I make you wait at least three months. I have to make sure that you’re someone good to me. I’m not going to make you a number if you’re not good to me. So Colson just never passed the test.”

Wow! The automatic fail? Well, that should be obvious now…

“I don’t really feel bad saying that because he did kind of cheat on me with Megan Fox.”

There it is! The bombshell!

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Sommer says she and Kelly, aka Colson Baker, were still very much together when he was filming Midnight In The Switchgrass, the film in which he and Megan met and fell in love. She remembered:

“I waited in the hotel the whole time while he’s filming with her and I’m not really thinking anything of it. I thought she was older and had kids and was married and stuff.”

We mean… all true facts. But that didn’t mean something wasn’t going on! MGK has already admitted that during the Puerto Rico production he unabashedly pursued the 34-year-old momma, saying on mutual pal Lala Kent‘s podcast last year:

“Our trailers were next to one another, so I just waited outside on my trailer stoop every day I worked just to catch one glimpse of eye contact, because she would have to get out and walk from her car to the trailer. There were like five steps in between the car and the door. And I would just sit there and hope. She would always look over and give me one [glance].”

All while he was NOT single!

Sommer says she started to get suspicious when she realized her man (with whom she was already sharing a bed even if they weren’t yet sleeping together), was turning off his phone before they went to sleep. She says he told her the “vibrations” from his phone were harmful. Wow. These cheaters never step back and listen to the lies they tell, do they?

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Now the 24-year-old is pretty sure it was because he was afraid “Megan was going to call” at a time he couldn’t answer and pretend it was something else.

Apparently the fitness influencer was even still with MGK when he made his now-infamous Bloody Valentine music video, which, as you might recall, served as a kind of coming out party for him and Megan. It dropped just two days after her breakup with BAG was made public.

But Sommer wasn’t allowed on set of the sexy vid — and once again she feels she was totally lied to about why!

“I asked him why he didn’t invite me to the music video and he said COVID restrictions. And then that music video came out and I was like, ‘Oh.’”

Yeah. Oh.

Bloody Valentine GIF by Machine Gun Kelly - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hilariously, Sommer has a pretty enlightened take on the whole cheating thing, joking:

“I’d probably do the same thing. Like I’d cheat on Colson with Megan Fox! Like if it was the other way around I probably would be doing this.”

Ha! She added:

“I think they’re a cute couple. I’m not mad about it. I want them [to have] the best.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s letting her ex off the hook for everything. She pointed out what she is upset about is that the lies continued — and went public — after the breakup:

“The thing that’s not really fair about it is like he made me — and I probably would have never talked about this because I do not like to talk about this kind of stuff and I don’t like to like air people’s business, but he went to Twitter and made it seem like I was the devil, like I broke up with him on his birthday.”

Oof. What he tweeted specifically was:

“she came and picked all her stuff up on my birthday. nice.”

To which Sommer responded immediately:

“oh really? i thought she came to bring you your birthday gifts. #fakenews”

He did sort of take it back, writing just a couple hours later:

“i shouldn’t have tweeted personal business. especially when the person is a great human and this tweet seems one-sided.”

But the damage was done. Sommer says she got “death threats for like weeks and weeks” from his “cult following” who felt she had done him wrong. Yeesh.

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Something tells us they won’t be sending apology notes either.

[Image via Megan Fox/Sommer Ray/Instagram.]

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