Coronavirus: One in five long Covid sufferers have a new disability – cluster of symptoms

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Long Covid may last for up to five months (or longer) for the majority of patients who had been hospitalised due to coronavirus. The latest research demonstrates that seven out of 10 of those affected haven’t fully recovered. Dr Rachael Evans, a respiratory consultant, and her colleagues found that one in five long Covid sufferers ended up with a new disability. The UK-wide Phosp-Covid study followed the health of 1,077 Covid patients who were discharged between March and November 2020.

“It may be that the immune response is different in women, such that you then have a continued inflammatory reaction that then leads them to a higher likelihood of having long Covid.”

Do note that this trend was more prevalent if the women were obese and had pre-existing health conditions.

The types of pre-existing health conditions included type 2 diabetes, heart or lung disease.


Interestingly, those who fell into the mild category tended to be 70 or older, or younger than 40.

He believed a “holistic assessment” is the best way forward, which includes symptoms, physical and mental health, including cognition.

“The four severity clusters highlight [the] potential to stratify care,” he added.

The pre-print study is available to read in medRxiv, and it is yet to be peer-reviewed.

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