7 Best Pinterest Video Downloader 2020-21

How to download Pinterest videos?

Downloading videos from Pinterest is a major desire by most users of the platform. Pinterest is an online bookmarking and highlighting trends website. It allows the users of its platform to follow niche topics and industries via the platform. Pinterest is a platform where you come to see the developments in your “Interests”. It allows you to ‘pin’ the topics and areas that you find interesting and engaging. This tool is perfectly equipped for you to track the things you like and learn more about them. 

Pinterest’s model revolves around people creating pins for topics on their platform. Based on this they combine different pins by different users on similar topics. The similar topic pinned posts are then shown as suggestions or recommendations to other users of the platform. This allows Pinterest to improve its own topic library and allows it to expand on its business. 

The more wholesome the suggested topic threads from Pinterest are, the more users will enjoy their platform. The more number of users that enjoy Pinterest, the more recommendations and eventual users it will get. As the number of users increases, Pinterest’s value and platform gain notoriety. It becomes more dominant based on the increasing, large number of users. 

Pinterest’s platform has videos, websites, photos, GIFs, and sites that relate to a specific topic. This leads to the platform creating and curating content for its users. Based on the content, the users will choose to stay or leave the platform. But as users, we always want more content that is easily accessible and widely present. We want the videos that we find interesting, readily available to us. This implies that we now need to learn to Pinterest video download the content in order to have it available when we do not have any data or wifi. For downloading Pinterest videos we will need a good Pinterest video downloader. We have, therefore, created a list of all the best Pinterest video downloaders that are available for use online!

Top 7 Pinterest video downloaders

When listing the best Pinterest video downloaders, it is our job to do the due-diligence. We need to account for a ton of factors that may prove vital in helping a user decide what Pinterest video downloader they wish to use. Therefore, we surfed the world wide web to look for such Pinterest video downloaders that had no issues. We look for tools that allowed the users of said tool to be more in-charge of their downloading needs. The tools that we have accumulated have been vetted by us and observed for glitches and lags. We went into the mindsets of users and looked for tools that will be perfect for all different needs when trying to download videos from Pinterest! Here is our small list of factors that worked as Pros and Cons for the Pinterest video downloader tools that we have observed:

  1. Tool needs to be safe. We looked for Pinterest video downloaders that were safe and bug-free for our visitors to use. The pinterest vidoe downloader should not depreciate the cyber integrity of the users’ systems.
  2. Tool should give the user great video quality. We ensured that we found tools that provided the users with video quality better than 320 p at least. The tools should give some options for quality to the users.
  3. The Pinterest video downloader should download videos and retain the video’s audio integrity. We have listed Pinterest video downloaders that have capability of downloading videos with 320 kbps audio quality.
  4. The Pinterest video downloader should be easy to use. We do not want the users to have a learning curve with these tools. The video downloader should have a decent user-interface to allow the users to use the tool with not much instruction.
  5. Cost efficiency is important! The Pinterest video downloaders on our list are free and the ones which arent free are cheap.
  6. No further video downloader or converter is needed. We do not want our readers to install additional downloaders in order to satisfy their offline video watching experience. Thus, all the Pinterest downloaders are add-on free!
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Based on the above mentioned factors, we have listed our top 7 pinterest video downloaders for you to use! Here is our list:

  1. Scloud to Mp3 downloader

Scloud to Mp3 downloader is the best Pinterest video downloader available online. This tool is entirely free, secure, and the easiest Pinterest video downloader to use. It is equipped with bug-free Google malware software to ensure the security of the visitors of this website. The tool comes with encryption and has no sign-up or log-in, so that the users’ information is not stored with the website. Scloud to Mp3 downloader’s Pinterest video downloader is a versatile tool. In that this Pinterest video downloader allows the user to save the video in any format of their choosing like mp3, mp4, etc,. 

This free Pinterest video downloader is compatible with most devices. Pinterest downloader works on all Android, ios, and other smartphone operating systems. This is to ensure you can use it irrespective of the mobile device you use. The tool allows to save videos in HD, SD, 480p, 720p, 1080 p, etc,. The Pinterest video downloader works on all computers that run using Windows, Mac os or ios, and Linux.  

  1. Experts trick

Experts trick is an excellent Pinterest video downloader. It is compatible with web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Exlporer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, etc,. This Pinterest video downloader, similar to Scloud to Mp3 downloader, is also privy to help you download videos from other social media and video sharing platforms. It has a very easy downloading pinterest videos process. It needs you to:

  • Look up the video you want to download to your device.
  • Watch the video to ensure the quality is up to par.
  • Copy the link for the video to the clipboard of your device. 
  • Paste it on the Experts trick Pinterest video downloader tool. 
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You will get the video you want saved in the gallery of your smartphone or computer within minutes.

  1. Keep save it

Keep save it is an amazing Pinterest video downloader tool to help you save Pinterest videos offline with complete ease. This tool is equipped to handle your video downloading needs simultaneously. You can carry out the batch video downloading to ensure that you are able to download multiple videos through multiple tabs. 

This Pinterest video downloader is also compatible with all major smartphone operating systems. This tool allows you to download videos from Pinterest and save to your computer as well! Keep save it’s Pinterest video downloader is compatible with all web browsers as well. It would be further up on the list if the downloading process was a little more faster.

  1. Expert tool

Expert tool is an online Pinterest video to mp4 converter. This is another free Pinterest video downloader to help you save pinterest videos. This tool will help save pinterest videos to smartphone, PC or any other mobile device. This saves videos to your device while retaining the video quality. This Pinterest video downloader is easy to use and compatible with all devices. It may however, lag from time to time, when used on Safari. Other than that, this Pinterest video downloader is accessible from all web browser. 

  1. Pinterest video downloader
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Pinterest video downloader is an excellent Pinterest video downloader! As it is aptly named, this Pinterest video downloader will help you download Pinterest videos of any quality, length, or source of origin. This tool is also very easy to operate and takes only seconds for any user to get accustomed to the process. This Pinterest video downloader is adaptable with your video formatting needs such as MP3 or Mp4. You can easily use this Pinterest video downloader to download gifs and videos from Pinterest and a few other platforms. Due to its versatility, despite its restrictive name, Pinterest video downloader is a top 5 Pinterest video downloader.

  1. For downloader

For downloader is an awesome Pinterest video downloader. It allows the users to save any video from Pinterest to the gallery of your smartphone or computer. For downloader’s Pinterest video downloader is compatible with all Android, ios, micromax, and windows smartphones. It can be accessed from windows laptops but has shown glitching during downloading when the site was accessed from Macbooks. Inspite of this For downloader has a terrific Pinterest video downloader and is recommended to users!

  1. Expert php

Expert php is an great Pinterest video downloader. It allows the users to save any Pinterest gif or video of their choice. Similar to Keep save it and Scloud to Mp3 downloader, Expert PHP also allows its users to save videos from other platforms. Such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitter, etc,. The user-interface of Expert php is good. The instructions about downloading videos from Pintertest are quite straightfoward:

  • Find the video you want to download.
  • Copy the link or URL of the video that you want to save.
  • Paste the video link onto the Pinterest video downloader’s search bar. 
  • Click submit and you will get options regarding the video quality and type of format you wish to save the video in. 
  • Select your preference and enjoy!

The Pinterest video downloader is that easy to use! It is also compatible with Android smartphones and works terrifically on windows PCs and laptops alike. In case, your preference of device is not listed here, we suggest you look at an alternative to this Pinterest video downloader among ones from our list!

Not to deter the conclusion that Expert php have a great and highly recommended Pinterest video downloader.

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