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How to download videos from VK?

VK or Vkontakte is a very well-known and widely used social networking website and app, that is Russia. VK is the largest and most popular European created social network in the world. It has become this mammoth with more than 100 million active monthly users. It is like the Russian equivalent to Facebook.  Similar to Facebook, VK too has become an entertainment hub! Hosting several popular European celebrities and personalities. 

As with most social networks, VK’s site’s core functionality is communication. This occurs through online users personal messaging with each other through direct messages. It has also incorporated the aspect of sharing photos, status updates, and videos of different types with friends. Due to this, VK has seen an increase in the number of influencers and content creators on its site. This has led to VK becoming a great platform for content creators to shine brightly. It has allowed a barrage of European pop-stars, musicians, pranksters, entertainers, and actors to use it to interact with their fans.

The content on VK has become amazing and has become the primary reason for people to visit the platform! So it is natural that VK would want to retain those users and increase the user base. But this is difficult if people keep moving away from the platform. Due to this VK has ensured that it does not give its users access to the VK content offline. Thus, you need alternatives to download videos from VK since directly downloading VK videos is not possible. 

The best and most useful way to download VK videos is by using a VK video downloader. These VK video downloaders are great tools that will allow you to save any VK video you want offline onto your device. But as users, we understand you can be skeptical about a new site to use. Thus, we have created a list of the best VK video downloaders available online. These tools are selected based on pre-selected criteria. 

Top 6 VK video downloaders available online

VK is the most popular social media site from Europe, so it is natural that VK would have a lot of downloaders dedicated to it. So, when we are ranking the best VK video downloaders we have to carefully consider all VK to mp4 converters. We had to assess the factors that could make a VK downloader a “Top 6 VK video downloader”. These factors had to be carefully considered and made up the criteria. The presence of one such factor can be a ‘Pro’ for the VK downloader. The absence of that factor could prove detrimental in ranking that VK downloader. Thus, these factors dictate what VK video downloader would be ranked ahead of the others. We have curated a list while giving weightage to certain factors when deciding the list of the tools which are best to show you how to download from VK. 


When creating our comprehensive list of the VK to mp3 and mp4 converters, we deliberated on what users may need or want. We then created a list of the factors that we have considered when ranking a VK video downloader. Here is the list of the criteria we felt would help us rank a specific video downloading tool : 

  1. Downloading speed of the tool. We needed to ensure that any tool on this list was fast.
  2. The audio quality of the downloaded music from a specific VK to mp4 converter. We looked for VK downloaders that provided 320 kbps or close! 
  3. The compatibility of the VK downloader with all types of devices. Meaning that the downloader should be available on laptops and PCs of different OS. The Vk downloader should also work on all Android and IOS mobile devices and smart phones.
  4. The ease in use of the tool. This ensures that we provide only those tools that are easy to use and operate.
  5. The safety and security, the VK video downloader provides to the users that use its services.
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Therefore, the list below comprises the fastest, safest, best quality providing, and most versatile VK downloaders available for free on the internet. Here is the list of the best VK video downloaders starting from the best onwards:

  1. Scloud to Mp3 downloader

Scloud to Mp3 downloader is the best VK video downloader tool available online! This tool is great at being compatible with any and all devices. This means that Scloud to Mp3 downloader’s VK downloader works on ios and Android smartphones. It is also a great and convenient tool for downloading videos from VK to your computers as well, irrespective of the operating system of the device. This VK video downloader is a very easy to use and operate video downloading tool. You need to simply:

  • Find the VK video that you enjoy and like.
  • Copy the URL of the VK video!
  • Visit Scloud to Mp3 downloader’s Vk video downloader tool and paste the video link onto the search bar.
  • The search bar will then analyze your video link and will present ALL the different file formats in which that video can be downloaded. 

This tool thus, not only has a fast process but also gives you great customizability to save the VK video onto your device! This VK video downloader does not need an external downloading tool to help you save the videos you want from VK. 

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The tool is equipped with Google malware detection and removal software. The Scloud to Mp3 downloader site claims to be encrypted for the security benefit of its users. Moreover, the Vk video downloader also has no signup or log-ins either to ensure that the users can download the video of their choice as soon as possible! Due to all these facts, we believe that this is the best VK video downloader.

  1. Tube Offline

Tube offline is a terrific Vk downloader tool that is present for usage online. This is a free and excellent VK video downloader or converter on our exclusive list. It is very easy to use and requires just the link for the video from VK that you wish to download. Once you have the pre-requisite video URL or link you need to input it onto the search bar of Tube offline and enjoy your VK video offline. 

One thing that stood out for us was the fact that Tube offline offers an iOS Vk downloader app or site, allowing iPhone users to have greater access. This app allows you to rapidly save VK Videos to your iPhone, iPad, or on any other iOS device (such as the MAC PCs and laptops). This is a decently fast tool and allows you to save Vk videos on the gallery of your smartphone or computer really quickly. 

Thus, Tube offline is an amazing VK downloader and has made the list due to its amazing and speedy user-experience.

  1. 9x Buddy
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9x Buddy is an awesome VK video to mp4 converter available online. This tool is a safe and secure VK video downloader. It will allow you to save the VK videos of your choice onto any device of your choosing. This implies that you can save the VK videos to your iPhone or Android smartphone as well as any PC or laptop irrespective of the Operating system!

This VK video downloader is also a really fast and amazing video downloading tool. It has a great user-interface and allows you to download not only VK videos with complete ease and no issues, but also videos from other platforms.

  1. Save Vk

Save VK is a great VK video downloading tool present for free online! Here is a user-friendly, easy to use, and extremely low storage using VK video downloader for your VK videos. This site’s services are 100% free and does not have a limit on the number of VK videos that you can download. it allows users to get videos downloader quickly and at a faster pace as compared to the tools listed below in the market.

  1. Download videos from

Download videos from is a useful VK video downloader that is present for you to use and download videos offline! This tool is a pretty powerful and flexible site for your video downloading needs. Similar to Scloud to Mp3 downloader, Download videos from works on helping you download videos from multiple different sites and platforms. Download videos from helps you to save videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc,. The versatility of the site and ease in use of the VK downloader is the primary reason why Download videos from is on the Top 6 Vk video downloaders list!

  1. YMP4

Ymp4 is a good online VK video downloader for you to use. This site is an amazing Vk video downloader with an application to help you download videos from other video sharing and video streaming platforms. YMP4’s VK video downloader is a versatile video downloader. This tool is capable of saving the VK videos of your choice onto the device of your choice. This implies that YMP4’s VK video downloader is compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones, and Windows mobile devices as well. The YMP4 Vk downloader is perfectly compatible with most web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc,.

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