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Brits warned over €200 fine for doing this summer holiday activity in Spain

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As we approach summer, holidaymakers will be gearing up to jet off to new destinations with the European country being among the most popular tourist spots for Brits.

With this in mind, the legal team leader at Cycle SOS, Lena Farnell has issued a reminder to tourists about one current Spanish law that doesn’t exist here in the UK.

Many Brits will rent bikes this summer as a cost-effective way to explore their surroundings rather than taking in the sights on foot.

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Here’s everything you need to know to help you stay on the right side of the law and avoid any related fines.


What’s the current law on wearing earphones whilst cycling in the UK?

Legal team leader at Cycle SOS, Lena Farnell, has explained that it’s not illegal to cycle in the UK whilst wearing earphones or headphones.

Ms Farnell added: “However, it’s important to note that you could be prosecuted for cycling dangerously as this constitutes a breach of the Road Traffic Act (1991).” 

Where can you cycle with headphones in Europe?

The expert continued: “It is legal to wear earphones whilst cycling in the UK, Sweden and Germany. However, German law stipulates that you must be able to hear surrounding traffic noises, and therefore you must have the sound on low, rather than blasting.

Your Local Guardian: Brits could face a 200 euros fine if they cycle with headphones in Spain. ( Getty Images)Brits could face a 200 euros fine if they cycle with headphones in Spain. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

“It is also legal to wear earphones whilst cycling in Belgium, despite many calling for it to be banned.” 

Where is it illegal to cycle with headphones in Europe?

It’s not just Spain that has a law against cycling with headphones either with other popular tourist spots like France, Italy and Portugal also having stricter regulations on the activity.

Ms Farnell explained: “It is illegal to cycle whilst wearing earphones in popular holiday locations, Spain and France.

“The ban came into force in France in 2015, whilst current Spanish law, (which was updated in 2014) states that you cannot cycle whilst listening to music through headphones or earbuds.”

“Cyclists who are caught wearing earphones can expect to pay a €200 fine in Spain, whilst if you’re found in breach of the rules in France, you can expect to be fined €135.” 

“Italy and Portugal take a different stance, requiring that cyclists wear just one earphone whilst cycling, with a penalty of approximately €160 if you’re wearing both earphones whilst cycling in Italy.” 

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