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Rishi Sunak slammed for swiftly deleted ‘cringe’ and ‘embarrassing’ ad

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The ad was uploaded to the Prime Minister’s official Twitter account on Friday evening.

It featured a snapshot of the month of May, starting with the Coronation before listing what they thought Rishi Sunak’s government had achieved that month.

However, it was swiftly deleted after receiving heavy criticism. It also featured a factual error, claiming Japanese firms had invested just £18 million into the UK, with the actual number being £17.7 billion.

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In the ad – which featured numerous cutaways – the narrator said: “What a month it’s been. Kicking off with the Coronation. It was a once in a generation event, from the Big Lunch to the Big Help Out, and of course, the big day itself.

“This month, like every month, the PM has been relentlessly focussed on delivering your priorities.

“Inflation down. Growing the economy. Reducing debt. Cutting waiting lists. Stopping the boats. Welcoming our friend President Zelensky to Chequers. Crazy month. That was the rewind, we’ll see you in the next one.”

The video was swiftly condemned on Twitter. Before it was deleted, Alex Andreou said: I cannot believe this is a thing that someone thought of, ordered, approved, published, and paid WITH MY F***IN TAXES thinking it would make me LIKE these d****eads.”

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He later added, after the ad was deleted: “Amazingly that video Sunak and No.10 considered such a great idea that they paid our money to make, so brilliant as to commit to it being a monthly thing, and an hour later so embarrassing as to delete, was still in my phone cache.

“Let’s make sure this piece of art goes viral.”

Radio presenter Nick Abbot said: “This can not be real. Please tell me it’s not real.”

Meanwhile, another tweeted: “4.2 million children are living in poverty in the UK.

“There were 2 foodbanks when the Tories came to power and now after 13 years of Tory rule, there are over 3000 but @RishiSunak you spend money on a wasteful video to boost your ego.

“Time to vote the #ToriesOut.”



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