What do we expect from Conor McGregor as he plans to meet the impressionist, Al Foran?

Conor McGregor may be down but he is not yet out. Currently at position nine in the UFC lightweight rankings and a tag of the former UFC weather weight champion he is still a force to reckon with despite his current injury. He has a big date with Al Foran, a fighter he fondly refers to as a comedian; however it is uncertain when the fight will take place. In a tweet recently he asked his fans to remain patient. Those who have followed his actions and also visited Online betting UFC will confirm that he is down but not out and the fight with Al Foran may be a major comeback.

When will it be?

Will it be September or October? It is still not certain when the fight between Conor McGregor and Al Foran will happen. There had been a suggestion that the charity wheelchair fight is slotted for September but Conor McGregor rejected the date saying it’s too early as he is still nursing an injury.

Those who have been following the UFC betting sites will remember that most people had betted on him to beat Dustin Poirier but things turned upside down. He was defeated and also went home with a broken leg. This is the stumbling block for him, his doctors and physiotherapists advice him against coming back too soon. They want him to heal with the possible early comeback in October or November, it is not yet certain when this will happen.

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Fight for charity

The event which is dubbed Wheelchair Boxing will be in aid of the Irish Wheelchair Association. It will also be featuring Paddy Barnes, the former Olympic medalist. As a result of the injury during his last UFC fight, McGregor went through surgery to repair the broken tibia.

According to his doctors, the fight may not happen too soon as the injury was serious and it might take longer for the leg to completely heal. It is difficult to give a concrete date due to the nature of the injury but he promises his fans that he is in the fight. He asks for time so that he can focus on recovery. His coach, John Kavanagh has also confirmed that he is in the fight but first has to heal the leg to allow him to put the best forward and this time knocks out the comedian fight Al Foran. Conor will be in the co-main event, has volunteered to participate in this fight to raise money for a noble cause.



Some see Conor’s participation in the co-main event as unusual, it is his first-ever co-main event fight. He has always fought at the main event, something which his fans see as an honor since it is for a worthy cause. Many are waiting to see how things turn out in this big fight. The day may not be too soon but this does not prevent people from making predictions.

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Some root for Conor but are also afraid that the current injury may be detrimental to his win. Others are confident that he will put up a spirited fight. The healing period, they say has been a time to rejuvenate, he will be coming back strong, ready to tackle any obstacle that stands in his way to retain his title.

The fight between Conor and Al Foran is drawing the same attention that the UFC’s Conor vs Poirier drew. Could this be a pointer of the things to come? This is the fight that put Conor in his current status. Conor was coming into this fight as the favorite. The two-time lightweight world champion wanted to set the record straight where he wanted to bag another title for himself. This was not to be; he lost the fight and also took home an injury that has seen him out of action for some time now. Here are some of the questions that people are asking:

  • Is history repeating itself?
  • He will be coming into the wheelchair charity fight as the favorite.
  • Will this be a pointer into his future at UFC and MMA in general?

Some say this might not the case, with the current injury and the fact that we do not know how things will turn out, they cannot bet on his win but also it is not certain whether his opponent will also be in good shape.

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Some argue that Al Foran will be coming to meet a man who he likes to mimic, a two-division UFC champion. When he accepted the invite, Al Foran was excited that he will be meeting Conor. Conor in a tweet jokingly said that Foran has of late been doing terrible impressions of him, something that people picked as a warning. Will Conor be coming to teach Foran some lessons out of this experience? With such sentiments, his fans expect him to knock out the impressionist and perhaps give him more lines through which he can imitate in the future.

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