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Why Stylish Women Kill: Watch Season 2 on Netflix

Why women kill is a comedy-drama TV series that has fascinated millions of people around the world. Directed by Marc Cherry, who directed the legendary Desperate Housewives, this series has to display the unique atmosphere of different epochs. The plot of the series is the events and reasons that caused women to murder someone.

The first season

The first season consists of 10 episodes and tells us the stories of 3 different women from different epochs and social classes. It displays critical social problems and stereotypes of various times, from the 1960s to the present day.

The first heroine from the 1960s, Bett, was a typical housewife when she found out that her husband is having an affair with a young and pretty waitress. She becomes her best friend secretly from her husband.

The second woman, Simone, belongs to the higher class and lives a luxurious life. Then, she finds out that her husband is gay. She starts having an affair with her best friend’s son, Tommy.

The last heroine, Taylor, is living in an open marriage. Her girlfriend Jade starts living together with her and her husband, Eli. They seem to compete for Jade’s love.


We won’t make any spoilers, so better go and watch everything yourself. But remember that women that kill can be unpredictable. So, if you have unblocked Netflix, fasten your belts and get ready for the rapid plot twists in every episode.

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Not only the exciting and gripping plot is grabbing the attention, but also the costumes. Every woman has a unique style that highlights her main personality traits and social status. Throughout the season, the heroines of the film change their dresses to more elegant or vice versa. The clothes they were wearing during critical events deserve special attention. After watching this series, the idiom “c” receives a new meaning.

The second season

Good news for those, who were excited by the first season. The second season was also directed by Marc Cherry, and it has just been released. However, there won’t be any continuation of the previous stories. Marc Cherry is going to introduce a completely new story with new characters. One of the slogans is “Dig your secrets deeper,” and according to the trailer, the main heroines are going to dig someone in their yards. This will be a story of 2 women competing with each other. Gripping, isn’t it? The events take place in the late 1940s, so the costumes were one of the key elements. If you have unblocked Netflix, don’t waste your time and start watching right now.

It’s very good that Janie Bryant stayed on the project. The costume designer who dressed the first season and once worked for the legendary, stylistically impeccable Mad Men. Here, the time period is quite close to the events in the first season of Mad Men, so that Bryant feels like a fish to water. The artist’s strength is to develop the most accurate wardrobe for each heroine, which would display her personality, social status, financial situation, and even way according to which the character will develop. Clothing plays a huge role in portraying class inequality and discrimination based on prestige and status.

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A completely new story

If the first season is criticized for being too feminist, the second one has a completely new approach. It will tell about what a woman is ready to go for to join the high society, even if this society is self-centered and ignores others’ problems. The series will also focus on what it means to be a truly beautiful person. The central character is Alma, a housewife who has been a grey mouse all her life, and people know her only for being a veterinarian’s wife. She dreams of becoming a member of a garden club so much that she is ready to go for everything, not except murdering someone.

The opposing character is Rita, a classy woman who is a president of a garden club. She lives a fancy life in a mansion but has an affair she does everything to keep in secret. The season will show what these two women have in common. The huge difference between these heroines will be displayed not only by their actions but also by the way they dress.

The main color of one of the central heroines of the upper class, Rita, is red in most scenes. Compared to the costumes of other characters (especially friends from her club), Rita’s outfits look more chic and weighty. Thus, the scene in which Rita in a luxurious red dress confronted housewife Alma in a gaudy pink outfit created an even greater contrast between fashion preferences and “castes.”

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Where to watch the second season of Why women kill?

Can’t wait to watch the fresh season? This is a Netflix series, so you can watch it in high quality on the Netflix official website. We don’t recommend visiting the other websites because most of them offer poor quality and constant annoying ads. The series is already available on Netflix, so you can watch it if you have an account. If you live in the country or area where Netflix is blocked, you can set up a VPN for Netflix and enjoy unlimited access. The VeePN service offers uninterrupted access to any series at high speed. No matter what point of the world you are in, you can stream your favorite series in high quality.

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