Monday’s weather in Mallorca – no warnings at the moment

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Extraordinary how the storms have broken out at much the same time over the past few days and in much the same areas. Porreres suffered the worst on Sunday, having previously been hit by torrential rain. There was some serious flooding in Porreres; less serious in some other parts of the Pla region. The radar – the yellow especially – shows the heaviest rain and thunderstorms.

Radar for Mallorca on June 4 - very heavy showers and thunderstorms

For Monday, there are currently (as of 7.30pm Sunday) no alerts for heavy rain and thunderstorms. It is always possible that there will be alerts, as Aemet has been amending in the morning. The highest probabilities of rain are for the Pla and Raiguer regions as well as for the southeast and Palma. There will be sunny spells, with the north of the island due to get the best of the sun.

As for the rest of the week, there is still a risk of rain on most days, with the north again looking to have the best of conditions. Not settled but temperatures due to rise a bit.


Forecast for Monday as of Sunday 7.30pm (UV rating 8):

Alcudia (17C) 25C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light east; humidity 60%. Three-day forecast – Tue: 27, Wed: 26, Thu: 27.

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Andratx (16C) 24C, light southwest breeze; humidity 65%. Tue: 25, Wed: 25, Thu: 26.

Binissalem (13C) 26C, light southwest-south breezes; humidity 60%. Tue: 28, Wed: 27, Thu: 30.

Deya (15C) 24C, light northwest breeze easing to calm; humidity 65%. Tue: 24, Wed: 25, Thu: 26.

Palma (15C) 26C, gentle south breeze; humidity 55%. Tue: 26, Wed: 26, Thu: 27.

Pollensa (16C) 27C, light north breeze veering east; humidity 60%. Tue: 29, Wed: 28, Thu: 29.

Porreres (12C) 26C, calm increasing to light southwest breeze; humidity 65%. Tue: 26, Wed: 26, Thu: 28.

Sant Llorenç (14C) 25C, gentle southeast breeze easing to light south; humidity 60%. Tue: 26, Wed: 26, Thu: 27.

Santanyi (14C) 25C, light southwest-south breezes; humidity 60%. Tue: 25, Wed: 25, Thu: 26.

Sineu (14C) 25C, light northwest breeze backing south; humidity 55%. Tue: 27, Wed: 26, Thu: 28.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19.

Balearic Webcams (

Sunday summary (to 7.30pm) – Highs of 26.8 Palma University and Porreres, 26.5 Binissalem, 26.4 Llucmajor; Lows of 8.1 Son Torrella (Escorca), 10.6 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 11.4 Lluc; Gust of 53 km/h Porreres; Rainfall of 78.2 litres per square metre Porreres, 37.4 Son Torrella, 20.2 Llucmajor, 19.6 Campos, 5.2 Son Bonet (Marratxi).

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